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Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 has been released recently, so I decided to give it a spin on my own machine. Unfortunately getting it to work was not without problems, this article describes what I’ve run into so far and how I fixed it.

Black screen on reboot

I installed Ubuntu on my Alienware m11x, which has two videocards. An Nvidia chipset (for gaming) and a simple integrated chipset (for saving power). When I installed the Nvidia drivers on my machine my screen stopped functioning after reboot. After some searching on Google I found this was because the Nvidia Linux drivers can’t cope with the graphics card switching functionality of the Alienware m11x. The solution was simple, change the setting in the laptop’s BIOS so that it always uses the Nvidia chipset.

About me settings were not saved

You can enter some basic information about yourself in the “About me” application. When I tried this I found that it wouldn’t save… turns out that was a known bug. A comment on that bug report explains what you can do to fix this problem, the short version is as follows:

  • Open a terminal and type “rm -rf ~/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/*’
  • Open Evolution (you will have to configure an e-mail account to get in)
  • Open the “Contacts” section (this will create the system address book: ~/.local/share/evolution/system)

After doing so the “About me” app will work as it should :)

Empathy will not connect to Google Talk

After entering my account details for Google Talk in Empathy (the default IM client) it seemed to try to connect without success indefinitely. The fix for this solution is simple:

  • Open the “Advanced” section in the chat account details
  • Tick the “Encrypt required (TLS/SSL)” checkbox
  • Set the “Server” (under Override server settings) to “talk.google.com”